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more than a restaurant

Welcome to our Cowboy’s Paradise! A place full of adventures and memories to be made. Within these walls, you’ll find live bands, a dance floor, stage, line dancing, period costumes to dress up in and a real stagecoach to take photos in. There are also pool tables, darts, a one of a kind bar with real saddles instead of stools, a fully stocked cowboy shop with hats, boots, and everything cowboy, with the largest venue space in Torrey.


The Saddlery can accommodate seating for over 250 people. Our outdoor covered patio, equipped with a gas fireplace, gives you a beautiful view of Boulder Mountain.


You won’t miss a single game with our 15 big-screen TVs at the bar and around the restaurant. And of course, there’s our mascot Smoke Stack, our famous mounted cowboy bucking Brahma bull. And when it’s time to eat, you’ll find our local, grass-fed beef, sizzling steaks, juicy burgers truly satisfying. Need to wet the whistle a bit? You won’t leave here thirsty. Our fully stocked bar offers beer, wine, and plenty of mixed soda drinks.

This Cowboy Bar & Steakhouse Paradise didn’t always exist though, so let’s start at the beginning. 


it's a lifestyle

Owners Gary and Francine Hallows have both lived their whole lives here in beautiful Wayne County, both of their lives started out on small family farms. Gary spent his summers on Boulder Mountain herding sheep with his uncles while Francine spent all her time on horseback helping her dad with cattle drives. Love had its way of finding these hard-working high school sweethearts in 1976 when they tied the knot.


For over 34 years in Loa, Utah Gary was responsible for managing over 1,100 mother cows, calves, 700 square miles of open range along with tending and farming over 2,000 acres that belonged to Security Ranches.


Early on they learned that the best place to raise a family was on a farm. The value of strong work ethic, the bonding of siblings, a love for the land, and selflessness were all lessons amongst many others that could be taught by changing pipe, riding horses, tending to the land, moving cattle on the range, along with so many other farm chores. 

Gary and Francine’s entrance to providing accommodations and restaurants began when the Dixie Leavitt family, the owners of the same ranches Gary tended asked Francine if she would be interested in managing a modified barn with 6 rooms. Francine rejected the offer on multiple occasions before finally agreeing. Under their management and with the help of close friends Holly and Travis they renovated the barn along with the Road Creek Inn located in Loa, turning both into retreats for tourists. 

Travis and Gary-Saddlery cowboy Bar & St

Travis & Gary

In December of 2011, Francine in passing mentioned to Gary that the Sandstone Inn in Torrey had gone into foreclosure. For whatever reason Gary couldn’t stop thinking about the inn. A few days later, to Francine’s surprise, he told her they should buy the property, Francine thought he was initially joking and dismissed the idea. After repeated drive-bys they finally got a key to enter the property. The property came with a restaurant that needed a lot of work. However, Gary had always dreamt about owning his own steakhouse and was up to the challenge.


After years of much appreciated hard work on someone else’s’ ranch and property, Gary wanted him and Francine to have their own business they could claim. Having served as the Utah Cattlemen President for two years, Gary knew the importance of providing good beef and most importantly how to produce it. 

In August of 2012 Gary, Francine, Travis, and Holly bought the Sandstone Inn. The first item of business was to rebrand the inn with an identity that reflected them and with that The Broken Spur Inn & Steakhouse was born.

Broken Spur Exterior (1).jpg

With a fresh renovation, rebranding, and the right team in place things began to rapidly pick up at the Broken Spur Inn & Steakhouse. To their surprise they had a problem on their hands, large groups were booking which was great news for their inn but the current steakhouse on the property had a capacity of 60-70 people. Larger groups have a tendency to want to linger and converse which resulted in long wait times for guests wanting to eat at the Broken Spur Steakhouse. A solution was coming though!

In 2017, The Saddlery which was a hard liquor bar became available for sale. The first thing Gary and Travis noticed was how spacious the building was and it’s potential to provide multiple amenities and cater to large groups. 


In August of 2017, the Saddlery was purchased and transformed from a hard liquor bar to a family-friendly venue with the ability to accommodate and cater to family reunions, class reunions, weddings, dances and all sorts of events. It became a natural extension of the Broken Spur Inn Steakhouse.

The cowboy lifestyle thankfully chose Francine, Gary, Holly, and Travis at a young age and ever since they have been cowboys through and through. In addition to managing a superb inn, quaint bread and breakfast, and two highly-rated restaurants within Torrey, Utah Gary, and Travis couldn’t let the ranching life go so they manage Sandy Ranch in Notom, UT to keep the cowboy spirit within them alive. 


If you have time we invite you to sit and visit with Gary or Travis, to hear countless stories about the lifestyle of a real-life cowboy. There is always plenty of room for an extra cowgirl or cowboy so stop into the Saddlery in Torrey, Utah and have a memorable experience, along with some great burgers or steaks!